Do you have a vision for your business, but not the plan, time or people to take it there? We are SMG Synergy, true entrepreneurial implementers. Our expertise and passion is collaborating to successfully accomplish your goals. Not just with a how-to list, but working beside you throughout the process. Even if that means embedding us in your team until you reach your goal. Welcome to the SMG Synergy where we help to MAXIMIZE YOUR BUSINESS POTENTIAL!

Founder Scott Alpert and his team have worked with CEO’s across a variety of industries in understanding how to help them expand and cultivate their businesses rolling their sleeves up and implementing their vision. 

What makes us qualified to do this?

  • Over 40 years of experience in sales, marketing, business development, event planning, negotiating, operations management, product development and training.
  • Specific industry experience in retail, wholesale and international distribution, as well as financial services.
  • Successfully cultivated global and national relationships within our business while growing our client’s businesses to their maximum potential.

But why are we REALLY qualified?

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills coupled with strong listening ability meaning we hear and understand what your vision is. Your vision, not ours.
  • Pure passion for setting up SOPs, training sales people, identifying business development/marketing strategies and networking. And then working within these parameters with you to make sure your measurable goals are being obtained.
  • Diagnostically-proven to have remarkable problem-solving skills as well as a sixth-sense regarding business. Obstacles are not deal-breakers, but simply part of the journey to a successful ending.
  • Positive attitude and understanding of the importance of living in the moment with an eye toward future goals.

Areas SMG SYNERGY can Help

  • Modernizing Your Sales Process 
  • Building a Sales Funnel. 
  • Building Your Brand 
  • Utilizing a Customer Management System.
  • Researching the Competition. 
  • Create a Customer Loyalty Program.
  • Identifying New Opportunities. 
  • Building an Email List. 
  • Form Strategic Partnerships. 
  • Leveraging Global Platforms. 
  • Licensing Deals 
  • Consider a Franchise Model. 
  • Diversifying Your Offer Lineup. 
  • Building Passive Income Streams. 
  • Acquiring other Businesses. 
  • International Expansion. 
  • Social Media Presence 
  • Cost Reduction Services. 
  • PEO Healthcare Analysis